The Division of Student Affairs and the Department of Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis believe that a college student can graduate with minimal debt so that the student can start their work career without the overwhelming burden of high loan and credit card payments. This site will inform students about what they can do now to help ensure that they leave college on stable financial ground.

This initiative and this website are not associated with the Department of Financial Aid and are not a substitute for advice given by that office. This site is designed to be a tool that you can use to better manage your money while in college. 

Why Should You Care?

Overspending for new college students is unfortunately a very predictable behavior. Our goal is to provide you with resources and information that help you stay financially responsible during your years here at ⴫ý State. Staying fiscally fit all four years starts before you even set foot on campus and continues every day you're here.

When you arrive with a strategy for smart spending, you can pace your expenses with your income and maintain financial equilibrium as you learn. And when you maintain that strategy, you'll find that the decisions you make at graduation will become much less stressful. 

Resources and Services


  • ⴫ý Money Wise Series are workshops presented by Professional Financial Planning Associates designed to help you get the most out of your money while you are a student at KSU and after graduation. Topics include credit management, budgeting, money management renting an apartment and more.
  • Jump Start for Students is a premier online library of financial education resources for teachers, parents, caregivers, and anyone committed to financial smarts for students.