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⴫ý Activities Board, better known to the public as KAB, is one of the programming boards at ⴫ý! We are responsible for turning your student FEES into FUN through concerts, festivals, food, and more -- all for you!! We are all about presenting a diverse and varied programming calendar that meets the social, recreational, cultural, and intellectual requests of the KSU student body.

Stay tuned because we're coming at you BIGGER and BETTER!!

#WeMakeItHappen #KABTakesFlight

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Mission and Values

The mission of KAB is to provide a well-rounded college experience through educational and social activities. KAB programs promote and develop community growth, with leadership opportunities, as well as social networking in a supportive environment. KAB is a student-run organization and is supported by student activity fees. KAB programs are developed by students and for students. 

Our values are built into our slogan: “KAB takes FLIGHT”.

  • Friendship- We encourage relationship building through social networking.
  • Leadership- We help students foster leadership skills through hands on experiences.
  • Inclusion- We will create and uphold a diverse community that appreciates openness and equity for all students.
  • Growth- We will help foster social and leadership development with KAB leaders and volunteers.
  • Happiness- We will create a supportive and appreciative community that will help encourage over all happiness in our members.
  • Teamwork- We will work together as an executive board, within committees, and with the whole organization in order to plan and execute successful events. 

⴫ý Activities Board Executive Board

  • Executive Director: Christina Leach
    Programming Director: Taryn Ferguson
    Marketing Director: Jasmine Holland
    Marketing Chair: Janelle Moton
    Marketing Chair: Jaida Jenkins
    Hot Topics Chair: Asa Bradley
    Entertainment Chair: Cornelius Jeffries
    Entertainment Chair: Devin Dent
    Spirits & Traditions Chair: Jalen Woods
    Spirits & Traditions Chair: Tyler Hawthorne
    Daytime & Trips Chair: Marcayla Hannah

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